Omar Ghader

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Omar Ghader

I am a passionate developer, traveler in my free time and a DIY tutorial maker. My IT interests:

  • Fullstack development (a Go lover)
  • Cloud : docker, kubernetes and micro-service architectures
  • Smart home: DIY cheap and good solutions for home

Currently working at Ubisoft as a software developer in the monitoring team. I develop backend applications with Go, contribute to the packaging and the deployment (CI/CD) but also debug and test the application to ensure the end-to-end functional status.

Also, I had many experiences with Airbus in Toulouse, for developing applications to monitor, visualize and alert the airplances in the air. All that in real time using the modern technologies.


Oct 2020 - PresentUbisoftGo cloud developer, Ops, monitoring - Performance enhace
Jun 2017 - Sep 2020AirbusBackend cloud developer : Java Spring boot, AWS. Frontend : Vue
Full stack developer Java backend + ReactJS frontend
Jun 2015- Sep 2016Sogeti SecurityGo Secruity devOps + AngularJs frontend


  • Google mobile web specialist scholarship laureate
  • AWS developer associate certificate
  • Master of Software and Network Engineering at INSA Toulouse.
  • MBA at INSA Toulouse

Achievements :

  • 1.6k viewers to my blog/month
  • My youtube channel
  • Android applications : 45000 downloads (in 6 months)

Backend :

  • Languages: Go, Java ,C, python, NodeJs
  • MessageQueue : RabbitMq, kafka
  • Relational Database : MongoDB, MySql, PostgreSql
  • Graph Database : Neo4j, Arangodb

DevOps :

  • provisioning : Ansible, Salt Stack, Puppet
  • virtualization : Vagrant , Docker
  • Scalability : HaProxy , confd, Creation of Micro-Services
  • Discovery : etcd
  • Orchestration : Kubernetes, docker swarm

Frontend :

  • HTML5 ,JS, CSS
  • Mobile : Vue, Ionic, Angularjs, ReactJs, Native (java)
  • Framework : Bootstrap, Material Design
  • UI / UX

Data Science and Big Data :

  • Machine Learning : R, H2o
  • Data’s Features Extraction
  • Data cleaning
  • Behavior Detection ( Prediction )